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Monsanto ranked in the top 100 adoption friendly workplaces


The Dave Thomas Foundation recognized the top 100 adoption friendly workplaces for 2018, among them an agriculture company. The former Monsanto Company, now Bayer, was ranked in the top 100, No. 69 overall for the top adoption friendly workplaces. More specifically No. 3 out of the 5 companies within the Foundation’s Industry and Manufacturing category. This was not the first time for the recently “adopted” company themselves. 

Christina Lawrence, president of Legacy Monsanto’s Family Network, which supports and provides resources to employees whose families have been touched by fostering or adoption, said, “We are thrilled to once again be named a Top 100 Adoption Friendly Workplace. As Bayer and Monsanto continue to advance together as one company, it’s comforting to know both have a legacy of providing benefits that help to create inclusive environments for all families.”

The Dave Thomas Foundation is a national, nonprofit public charity that dedicates their time to finding permanent homes for kids in foster care. Congratulations to Bayer and the former Monsanto company for taking an active role in supporting their employees involved in the adoption process. 


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