NC farmer’s ‘Git out of my buggy!’ snake video goes viral


A North Carolina farmer’s confrontation with a snake has gone viral. In fact the farm is now taking “Git out of my buggy” T-shirt orders after his scare.

Farmer Rick Ellis stopped last week to chat up a five-foot black snake he believed was stealing his chicken’s eggs. Instead of slithering across the road, the snake decided to come up under the utility vehicle’s hood. That’s when Ellis started shouting “Git out of my buggy!”

After local news picked up the story and interviewed Rick about the ordeal, his video went viral. Now Ellis Farms is taking orders for T-shirts recapping the farmer’s famous phrase.

Located in Linolnton, North Carolina, the 20-acre farm raises chickens, pigs, dairy goats, produce, free range eggs, and sorghum (used to make molasses) and often sells their goods at the local farmer’s market.

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