A new kind of farm tourist: The adventure foodie


If your farm already offers farm tours, farm-to-table dining events, and converses with consumers regularly, you might want to consider a new demographic that’s hungry to visit your operation: the adventure foodie.

Adventure travel is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry, with the subset of food adventure travel seeing explosive growth in recent years. Gastronomy occupies an increasingly greater role as a motivator for travel to specific destinations. Over half of all travelers say they seek unique and memorable food experiences in their travel—which translates to 70 million American travelers who are food-focused travelers each year.

Alpenwild has recently added Switzerland as a must-taste destination for the adventure foodie. The tour allows participants to taste and touch Swiss food right where it’s made—the working farm, high alpine meadow, timbered chalet, or rustic kitchen. Guided truffle hunts, popular in Italy and France, are also a popular new option for adventure foodies visiting Switzerland.

So we were curious, is this type of tour just a European travel obsession? Fodor’s Travel recommends several American destinations for the adventure foodie, but we noticed their list didn’t include very many rural areas or actual farms. Perhaps the agricultural community should put together their own list for the adventure foodie.


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