New Year’s resolution: Staying fit on the farm


Did you put “exercise more” on your 2017 New Year’s resolution list? I think we all did. But when it comes to farm chores, household duties, the kids, and off-farm employment, who has time to stay in shape on the farm?

Several agri-bloggers have found a way to stay fit on the farm and in the agri-business world. Here are some of their quick tips and suggestions that may help you keep your New Year’s resolution this year:

  • Kate Lambert, aka Uptown Girl, is a mom, farmer’s wife, agvocate, ag professional, and a marathon runner. She shares how she find the time to run so many miles in her post: Staying fit on the farm!  5 keys to finding time to workout.
  • Ryan Goodman, author of Agriculture Proud and a member of #TeamBeef, offers his list of inspirational runner podcasts to listen to while taking in a few laps around the farm: Favorite Trail and Running Podcasts.
  • Kimmi’s Dairyland provides her Top 5 Running Tips. Our favorite tip is #4 — who doesn’t love chocolate milk?
  • The Cow Chronicler interviews various agvocates on their daily diets and exercise plans during her #Transformation Tuesday series. One common denominator- none of her interviewees gave up dairy!
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