People Also Ask: How to answer farming questions that get found on Google


Google has been showing more questions and answers in its Search Engine Results Page. This is called “People Also Ask” or PAAs.

What does it look like?

Do a simple Google search on “what do dairy cows eat?”

You’ll notice that the question is answered in a snippet so the user does not have to click through to read the answer. The good thing is that with this question, a state and regional dairy checkoff website answers the question. This helps the answer be found and displayed.

But right below it, you’ll see the “People Also Ask” section, which has answers for “What the cows eat?,” “What do dairy cows eat in Canada?,” “What do cows eat naturally?,” and “What should you not feed cows?”

All of these questions have answers as well. These questions can only be fed by websites and not social media channels, so if you are answering many questions about your farm on social media, you might want to answer them on your website as well, because Google may then pick up these answers.

How do you get your answers in the “People Also Ask” section?

According to search engine experts,, the best way to get your answers in the questions happens several ways:

  • Write in complete questions and answers. I would do an individual blog post or webpage for each question.
  • Use plain language, which means don’t use language that is difficult to read or has industry terminology.

There are a lot of questions from consumers about how dairy farmers take care of the cows, the land, their employees, and the quality of the milk. You can answer these questions authentically on your website and they will hopefully be added to Google’s search engine for users to see.


Are you a dairy farmer who needs help getting started in social media and connecting with consumers? Your local and national dairy checkoff can help — please reach out to them via or me at If you would like to learn more about your national dairy checkoff, you can join our Facebook group or visit

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