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PETA selfie campaign backfires spectacularly thanks to hunters


PETA is no friend to farmers and hunters. That much we all know. The activist organization does everything it can to promote an animal-right/meatless/anti-ag agenda. Thankfully, as a community, we have done lots to push back (as evidenced here and here and here).

So when PETA’s latest marketing campaign included creating a profile picture frame with the title “Shoot selfies, Not animals,” well, they got something they totally didn’t expect — and it was glorious! The hunting community reacted by using the PETA frame to outline their hunting shots. It brings a whole new level of hilarious awareness to what PETA was trying to do.

The hashtag was #ShootSelfiesNotAnimals, and these are some of the best images from hunters.

And, of course, this one doesn’t have the PETA border on it, but Cover Crop Gal did an awesome job calling attention to this PETA tactic among the farming community.

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