Q&A: Luke Bryan and the 2017 Farm Tour


Country music superstar Luke Bryan kicked off his ninth annual Farm Tour on Thursday evening in Nebraska. For so many reasons — including the food donations, the college scholarships, and the awareness for our farming communities — this is the kind of event that’s perfect for your bucket list.

AGDAILY caught up with Bryan amid all of the hustle and bustle of the 2017 tour. Here’s what he had to say:

Image courtesy of Luke Bryan

AGDAILY: Amid fame and fortune, one can assume it would be easy to lose sight of your roots. Your Farm Tour clearly shows that that hasn’t happened to you. How have you been able to stay so connected?

Bryan: We came up with the idea to do these shows nine years ago as way we could play for smaller towns that wouldn’t normally have a tour come through. I’m from a small town, and we traveled to see concerts. We grew the idea of giving back to those communities with the college scholarships for a student of a farming family.

AGDAILY: You’ve been doing the Farm Tour since 2009 on actual farms and in a way that really speaks to farmers. Is there a single moment or interaction since the start that really stands out to you?

Each location we have played has brought an opportunity to get to learn and know the farmers and their families. Some of the farms have a long family history, and hearing their stories has been great. We are thankful they will offer us part of their land to do these shows. We hope it offers them some good times, too!!

AGDAILY: Is there a song you play during that Farm Tour that gets the audience particularly jazzed?

Bryan: We try to get the crowd going right from the start of every show but its probably “Country Girl, Shake it for Me.” That’s always one of the fan favorites.

AGDAILY: How did your childhood, growing up on a Georgia peanut farm, shape you into the person you are today?

Bryan: I learned that working hard is something to be proud of. I carry that with me in my music career too … and I’d much rather be performing a concert than be back in the peanut mill!!

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