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Review: Dovetail’s winter workwear clothes are perfectly on point


In winter, I’m always on the prowl for the warmest utility clothes possible. As a cold-natured person, warmth and durability are two of my highest priorities. And there’s no better brand than Dovetail Workwear to meet these kinds of needs for hard-working women.

This woman-led and woman-centered company truly has the market cornered on winter wear. In fact, they’re my go-to brand for workwear year-round (as you can see from so many things we’ve reviewed from Dovetail in the past), but I truly appreciate the thought, care, and effort the brand puts into continually upgrading its product offerings and tailoring things to what women need around farms, job sites, and so many other touch situations.

The results (which are god-sends for so many women everywhere) are clothes made of heavy-duty fabric that fit a woman’s body — without compromising style or functionality. 

Below, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite items from Dovetail Workwear’s 2021 winter line. And through Cyber Monday, you can get these and everything site-wide at for 21 percent off — a rare, incredible deal on quality women’s workwear that will serve you well for years!

Dovetail Freshley Overalls in Black Thermal Denim
The Freshley Overalls in Black Thermal Denim (Image by Ryan Tipps)

Freshley Overalls in Black Thermal Denim

I’ve had these thermal denim overalls for a month as the colder season has set in, and I’ve pretty much moved into them. If I’m outside, I’m wearing these denim overalls.

I’m a very cold-natured person, so I’m always looking for the warmest clothing for working outdoors in winter. I can slide these over my running leggings if it’s super cold and I’m in a rush (although the thermal material means they don’t slide on as easily if I’m already wearing pants). But the insulation keeps me plenty warm without anything under the overalls.

The pockets are perfect — my favorite is the zippered one on the thigh, where I keep my phone. I had wondered if the insulation would make these Freshley overalls too thick and bulky, but I still have full range of motion. While wearing these overalls, I’ve climbed into truck beds and over fences, hopped onto my mustang bareback, and run laps around our riding ring with my 8-year-old daughter. The Freshley overalls easily move with me, the thermal denim is super comfortable, and to top it off, they are very nicely tailored to a woman’s frame.

Dovetail Kent Chore Coat
The Kent Chore Coat (Image by Ryan Tipps)

Kent Chore Coat

The Kent Chore Coat’s insulated stretch canvas features reinforced elbows and a roomy back cut that is both durable and cozy. In true Dovetail Workwear style, the chore coat features usable pockets galore — several of them with zippers and some with snaps. I absolutely love having two cell phone-sized pockets right at the chest area on the chore coat. I would prefer if one or two of the pocket linings were not the fleece material, which is hard to clean, but I do appreciate having that warmth if I’ve forgotten to wear my gloves or get them wet filling water buckets. It’s a simple fix to close the zipper pockets to help keep dirt and hay out. While it’s not a raincoat, the Kent’s canvas has been treated with the plant-based water- and stain-repellent EcoElite, and that works well enough for drizzly weather.

I initially had a hard time wrapping my head around the attachment to the removable hood, but once I looked at the photos on, it was much simpler than I was making it out to be. Ever since I attached it properly and fitted the adjustments, the hood stays up when I want it to and doesn’t flop around when I lower it.

Overall, the Kent Chore Coat is warmer than I expected, considering that it’s not bulky, but that could be explained by the fact that I typically pair it with Dovetail’s thermal denim overalls. I only wish this coat had thumb holes to hold the sleeves down over my hands a bit, so my wrists don’t get that shock of cold. It does, however, have Velcro at the wrists to tighten the sleeves against the cold.

Dovetail Apelian Utility Work Fleece
The Apelian Utility Work Fleece (Image by Ryan Tipps)

Apelian Utility Work Fleece

This midweight nailhead fleece is one of my favorite articles of clothing. It’s a little more structured than a typical, cozy fleece, but that’s because it’s built with intention — this is a utility fleece you can work in and then relax in.

It’s plenty comfortable, thick and soft. The quality of the construction is impeccable. Canvas overlays around the chest, shoulders, and elbows add strength. Would a typical fleece have zippered pockets? Would it be water- and stain-repellent? I’ve groomed my horses, thrown hay, and mucked out stalls, and this utility work fleece manages to look fresh out of the wash. A+ for both comfort and durability!

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