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‘SILO’ film to donate proceeds to agriculture safety group


Farm safety is a serious topic that deserves national recognition. However, only a small percentage of Americans really know the risk due to the lack of media representation. In an effort to spread awareness about farm safety and the dangers that are included, “SILO” is a film that shows the devastation that a grain bin accident can bring.  

Inspired by true events, “SILO” is being released nationwide today, May 7, across 36 states and will also be available via Video OnDemand, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Google, and other platforms.

In addition to raising awareness on farm safety, the film is donating a portion of its proceeds to the Foundation’s Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, recognized as the largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America.

“We are excited to partner with the creators of ‘SILO’ to help share the importance of safety in our rural communities,” said Brian Kuhl, president and chief executive officer of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. “More than a 25 years ago, the importance of farm safety was brought to the forefront by a story that ran in the Progressive Farmer magazine which sparked the start of Progressive Agriculture Safety Days.

“Today, the SILO film serves as a reminder that our work is not yet done,” he said.

The Foundation’s Safety Day program provides a fun, hands-on learning experience for youth through age-appropriate lessons. Each year nearly 400 Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, reaching more than 100,000 individuals, are held throughout the United States and Canada, with grain safety among the top 15 most popular safety lessons taught.

“We have worked with the ag community for years to make this film a reality,” said Sam Goldberg, producer of “SILO.” “The team at the Progressive Agriculture Foundation works hard every single day to ensure that future generations will be safe on the farm. We are honored to support their mission and we hope that ‘SILO’ can continue to raise substantial awareness — and funds — to support farm safety.”

“SILO” follows a harrowing day in an American farm town. Disaster strikes when teenage Cody becomes the victim of a grain entrapment accident. Family, neighbors, and first responders must put aside their differences to rescue him from drowning in the 50-foot-tall silo where corn quickly turns to quicksand. Shedding light on an issue plaguing rural America, “SILO” shows how dangerous modern farming can be, while also highlighting the ways communities band together to look after one another.

For direct online streaming, to purchase your own copy of the film on Blu-ray/DVD, or to find a location near you showing film, visit the “SILO” website.

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