Some of the best women’s socks for work on the farm


There is nothing worse than cold feet. Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but when you are working in sub-zero weather, you can layer most of your body three times over, but the majority of shoes have room for only one pair of socks. So which are the best women’s socks for you to zero in on? It takes warm, durable socks to make it through a farm winter. Next to cold feet, holey socks aren’t much better.

We have rounded up a list of ones that are sure to keep your feet warm and your pocket book happy. We’ve tried them all — and many others that didn’t make this list.

Here are some amazing options for you to keep those tootsies toasty this cold season:


DearMy 5Pack Multi Performance

These colorful socks come in a pack of five and are made with high quality cotton and 10 percent spandex material. With multiple sizing opportunities, you are sure to get a good fit.

Promising reviews:

  • Love these socks! I have already worn them hiking on a pretty hard mountain trail. They were so comfortable, no rubbing or bunching. I also wear them to work on a horse farm. I love the way they hug my feet, lots of support. Nice cushioning on the bottom.
  • I LOVE my new Dearmy hiking socks! They fit very well, and the cushion is thick enough to provide comfort without making my boots too tight. The top extends well above my boots, which helps prevent the irritation I sometimes get from the constant rubbing during long hikes. The bright and beautiful colors are icing on the cake!
  • I love these socks. they are perfect for summer with walking shoes, sneakers, etc. i didn’t want plain white gym socks, and all the cute socks were so thin. these are great colors, they wash well ( they don’t seem to shrink on med wash and med dry) and just the right padding and thickness for warm weather

YUEDGE 3 Pairs Women’s Cotton Socks

These socks come in a pack of five and have great elasticity for comfort while the moisture wicking material leaves you with dry feet for the whole day.

Promising reviews:

  • Wore them for the first time today on an 8 mile walk/ hike and a 2 hr. frisbee session with my dogs. Very comfortable. My feet did not sweat as they do w/ socks that contain synthetic materials. Am purchasing another 4 pack.
  • Cushioning in all the right places! Helped with some developing hot spots and blisters when I got new work boots.
  • These socks are amazing. I love them! I am so picky about my socks. They have to be comfortable. And boy are these. They are not too warm or too cold. They seem to be for all weather. I wore them in the summer spending a day 4 wheeling with these socks in boots. My feet did not sweat or feel warm at all. The quality is excellent too. I like these so much, I may purchase some more.


Enerwear 4 Pack Women’s Merino Wool Sock

Designed for extreme weather conditions, these wool socks have antibacterial deodorizer to repel bacteria to stay fresh.

Promising reviews:

  • These socks are the BOMB! Very high quality and cozy! For the cost of ONE pair of Smart Wool socks, you get FOUR pair of excellent Merino Wool socks that are cute to boot! These are slightly heavy though, so be aware that they aren’t super thin or light. I’d say they’re about a medium weight — perfect for boots. This is a great deal — I highly recommend taking advantage of it!
  • I am very satisfied with these socks. They are super soft, stretchy without being slouchy, and they stay up. I wear size 10 shoe, and sometimes socks just kind of “squeeze” my feet uncomfortably, but not these; they fit perfectly. I don’t want to wear any other kind now.
  • These are awesome!! I have never had merino wool socks and these are amazing! Warm, soft and my feet don’t sweat at all, so great. I am a convert ;). This is a great price and really nice quality.


Columbia Women’s Moisture Control 2 Pack

These socks are made with a polyester-cotton blend and are machine washable with the benefit of being moisture wicking.

Promising reviews:

  • Love these! Great for very cold days. Once it warmed up a bit (to almost freezing), they were a bit too warm indoors. Very comfortable around the foot and leg; stay up without being constricting.
  • I love these socks. I was a little wary at first because I don’t normally wear these types of socks but man are they perfect. They’re warm cushy soft and keep my feet dry in the snow or inside running around working. I even started wearing them around the house. They are well made and I was surprised at the quality. I just wish I had bought more than one set.
  • I love these socks by Columbia and own several pairs in different sizes. They are comfortable and run true to size. I’m allergic to wool and it’s hard to find a well-made sock in this style that doesn’t contain wool. These socks contain no wool but are thick and great for boots without being too hot. I highly recommend these socks.


FEIDEER Mutli-pack Outdoor Socks

Not only do these socks have mesh ventilation, fully cushioned, and excellent elasticity there is also a 5% coupon going on right now.

Promising reviews:

  • I wear a 7 1\2 or 8 shoe and these fit perfect. The socks feel great and do not move or fall down but are not tight either. I like the colors. Used these for hiking today and feet feel good. I haven’t washed them yet but after I do I will update this review.
  • I just love these socks. They were exactly what I wanted- cute, functional, & comfortable! The colors are exactly as pictured and they don’t feel cheaply made.
  • My favorite socks. These match just about anything and they look great with boots. They’re made a very high-quality materials and come in a very neatly packaged bag. The only thing I regret is not by more than one. Highly recommend this product


Innotree 5 Pairs Multi Performance Wicking Socks

These fully cushioned socks are great for long wearing periods due to their wicking and odor resistant material. This cotton blend material makes the socks more comfortable, breathable, and fast drying.

Promising reviews:

  • Guys, I am obsessed with these socks. I’ve recommended them to two other people, the girl ones and the guy ones, and everyone raves about the excellent quality, cheerful colors, impressive bridge support, and perfect height for summer hiking with regular hiking boots. They can handle 14ers and they don’t cause sweaty feet or blisters.
  • These socks are awesome! Just the right weight and cushion for hiking but also great for everyday wear with running shoes! Love them and buying a second set.
  • These socks are very comfortable. This is my second time purchasing because I loved them so much. They offer good cushion for long work days on your feet.

Best materials for women’s socks

It’s certainly common to find socks made out of a variety of different materials, but the three that really stand out are going to be cotton, wool, and synthetics. Cotton and wool are, of course, natural fibers, but they perform in very different ways.

Typically, cotton is going to be your cheapest option, as well as the least durable and most disposable. But it’s certainly comfortable and breathable, and easy to replace if needed.

Wool also allows for great breathability and it (especially premium Merino wool) has the amazing ability to meet your at your ideal temperature — meaning, it’ll keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And don’t be scared off by the term “wool”; these are not your itchy wool socks from 25 years ago. Today’s wool blends are amazingly comfortable, and they wick moisture well.

Synthetics usually involve a nylon and a bit of Lycra. They are great for wicking, drying faster than any other types of socks available. And they often hold up very well under stress.



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