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Spin a farmer profile on Tinder into something everyone can understand


As the time rolls around when all the stores turn red with hearts and teddy bears, or that fresh breath of summer is in the air, it can be tough to ignore the love all around. We all know that catchy tune, “You Don’t Have to Be Lonely, At Farmer’s Only …” That is great for those of us who want to find a stocky, well-built, like-minded individual. But what about those of us who want to test the water? Find out what the hype is about on other dating websites?

How do we describe into words the hard work and dedication it takes to be a farmer so others will understand?

No worries, here are a few tips to translate farmer and rancher’s interest (on the left) into words the average love-seeker will understand (on the right) — and maybe catch you a few fish along the way.





















With these intriguing and genuine tips, you are sure to catch a few lookers with these descriptions. Just remember, even if this time of year you find yourself out working instead of with a significant other, you are not alone in this world we call life. A farmer will always have a connection to nature and others.


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