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Starbucks invites Arizona teen on horseback to come back


Starbucks squashed a 14-year-old Arizona teen’s birthday wish when they denied her service at the drive-thru because she was on horseback over the weekend.

Aspen Cline’s mother Tandy Cline took to Facebook with this post shortly after the incident:

Starbucks took notice and the next day the store district manager reached out to Cline inviting her daughter to come back. A Starbucks spokesperson told ABC News that the barista serving that day “was caught off guard” when the teen arrived on horse.

Since the company’s drive-thru is officially intended for motor vehicles due to safety concerns, the spokesperson said people who want to do something special at its stores to contact their local Starbucks ahead of time in order to ensure a pleasant experience.

The Clines, who owns three horses and one donkey, took the store manager up on his offer and returned Tuesday.

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