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Washington farmer stops feces covered drunk driver


A farmer from Pierce County, Washington took matters in his own hand when a drunk driver drove through his gate over the weekend. After the farmer boxed in the man’s white Subaru Crosstrek with his tractor, the 25-year-old male took off on foot across the pasture and jumped in a large container to hide. Little did the man know, the homeowners are dog breeders and the 20-acre property is home to 15 dog kennels. The large container was used to store all the dog poop.

The farmer told the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department deputies that he had yelled at the driver that he better get back in his car or he would “be in a world of sh*t.” The man then climbed out of the container of dog poop, got back into his vehicle, threw his keys to the homeowner, and passed out in his car.

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