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Winner of second annual Tulare County Agribee is crowned


We love seeing creative ways to bring agricultural education into classrooms. The Tulare County Agribee in California is one such event, where fifth-graders define and spell agricultural words in a competition that gives students a rewarding opportunity to learn about farms, food, and fiber. During the Agribee’s second year, Jose Magaña of Waukena Elementary School was crowned the winner by spelling and defining “sire.”

Local fifth-grade classes held individual Agribees to determine the students who would compete at the county-level competition at the International Agri-Center. Two fifth grade students participated from each of the following schools: Tipton Elementary, Sundale Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Pixley Elementary, Waukena Elementary, and St. Aloysius School. Students are provided a list of agricultural words to study beforehand, and the words were called in random order by the Word Caller.

Tyra Gomez of Liberty School finished second, and Valeria Velasco of Tipton School was in third place.

“We are proud of all the students that participated in this year’s Agribee,” said Kerissa Chapman. “As a fifth-grade student, standing in front of a panel of judges and an audience can make anyone nervous. The Agribee provides students the opportunity to learn agriculture words and a chance to practice their public speaking. Our mission is to educate the world about agriculture, and the Agribee is a great way to share with our young people.”

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