Farm family video series takes viewers behind the scenes


One Wyoming family ask the question: “Where does the food found in grocery stores actually come from?” Hint: it’s not grown in the dairy aisle. Enter ‘Our Wyoming Life‘, the YouTube video series chronicling life on a ranch with a five-member family from rural Northeast Wyoming.

Youtube has become a place for farmers across the country to spread their story. This video series has over 70,000 subscribers from all over the world tuning in each week to watch the Galloway family raise their livestock, harvest crops, and everything in-between. Mike Galloway and his wife, Erin, along with their three children spend their days surrounded by cows, horses, pigs and even peacocks, taking viewers behind the scenes of what goes into producing the food that’s found on the shelves of the local supermarket.

“When we found out that over 75 percent of people want to know where their food comes from — and have no idea how to learn about it, we knew we wanted to do this series in order to bring the consumer closer to the producer,” said Mike Galloway. “We invite the public to get up close and personal in our lives to see how it really is to live and work on a ranch.”

And though they are ranchers now, the Galloways actually found themselves in this role on a whim. Working in various radio careers inside the corporate world of Boston, a death in the family had them taking over as managers of the ranch, working to carry on a legacy of nearly a century. As they found out quickly, ranch life and the business itself is a lot harder than it looks. Three times per week, viewers can tag along for job duties, live “Ranch Talk” chats, and learn how the Galloways provide for their own family in addition to the masses.

“We have a very active and engaging audience, and we love introducing them to our family, our animals and showing them around our ranch in the great state of Wyoming,” said Erin Galloway. “The series offers people a chance to escape the ordinary and the hustle and bustle of their own lives for just a moment.”

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