Well-known Wisconsin dairyman dies in Indiana plane crash

· February 23, 2018

A prominent member of the Wisconsin dairy industry was killed Thursday night in a plane crash in Carroll County, Indiana. The plane was bound for Green Bay. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has confirmed that John Pagel and his son-in-law Steve Witcpalek were among the victims who were on the plane that crashed near Rossville. On Thursday […]

Hurricane Harvey rescue calf now man’s best friend

· February 23, 2018

Bringing a calf into the house during cold weather calving is not unusual for cow/calf producers around this time of year. It’s when the calf won’t leave, it becomes an issue. An orphan bottle calf rescued during Hurricane Harvey has recently grabbed national attention because well frankly, the heifer now thinks she’s a dog. Harveigh […]

Crystalyx’s Blueprint takes out the excess inorganics

· February 23, 2018

The way we feed our cattle today certainly has evolved since the 1950s as livestock producers and nutritionists have almost gotten it down to a science … or better yet a blueprint. “The Blueprint philosophy behind it is to take a look at chelated trace minerals as the sole contribution of trace minerals in the […]

Bovine viral diarrhea: Why one strain hitting so many herds?

· February 22, 2018

Bovine viral diarrhea virus is a coat of many colors. As Dr. Stephen Foulke, professional service veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim points out, we may call it bovine viral diarrhea virus, or BVDV for short, but diarrhea is probably one of the least common symptoms when it comes to the disease. “The biggest thing a lot […]

Zoetis: Mixing cattle prime time for respiratory disease

· February 20, 2018

With many cow/calf producers elbow deep in calving season and trying to tackle calf scours, it’s hard to think about the next big disease challenge for the new offspring. But Dr. Mark Alley, Technical Service Veterinarian for Zoetis says preparing those calves for respiratory disease challenges is vital for every cattle operation. We had the […]

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