4 must-have horse blanket accessories


Let’s imagine this scenario: You bought a great turnout blanket for your horse in the fall, but spring rolls around, and that same blanket is now caked with mud, has a broken surcingle, and overall doesn’t have that new blanket look anymore. We’ve all been there, and you don’t want your animal going around looking like that.

From cleaning products to repair items, there are a few things you can get your hands on to make your blanket like new — as well as to store a heavier-weighted blankets during the warmer season. Check out these four horse blanket accessories:

horse accessories

Tough-1 Blanket Storage Bag

Keep your horse’s blankets organized wherever you need to take them — and keep them away from dirt and mice, etc. This heavy cordura bag has three adjustable loops with snap closures to securely attach it to a stall front, trailer, or tack room. It measures 23″ x 19″ x 9″, and it’s available in several different colors! A large opening with quick-grip closure at the top allows you to easily place winter blankets, sheets, coolers, sport boots, fly masks, or any other items belonging to your horse you want to keep organized and out of the way. Roomy and top-quality, it’s a must-have!

  • Attaches to stall front, trailer, or tack room
  • Large opening for ease of access
  • Durable

horse accessories

Weatherbeeta Elastic Blanket Surcingle

Nothing overly fancy here, but this is a great highly functional option to replace a broken strap. We liked that it was elastic, and people who bought this used it to help keep a liner in place or to hold a stable blanket in place underneath a rain sheet. 

  • Full Elastic With Adjustable Slide And T-Lock Closure

horse blanket wash

Horseware Blanket Wash

There are several different kinds of blanket washes on the market, but this is our favorite to cut through the mud that too often gets caked onto our blankets. It’s 100 percent biodegradable and is designed for use with all synthetic, polycotton, and insulated horse blankets.

  • Special cleaning concentrate
  • Works to brighten your blankets’ colors, leaving them clean and smelling cotton-fresh.

blanket repair kit

Horseware Blanket Repair Kit

I know, I know — another Horseware product. But their stuff has always worked for us, so it’s hard not to talk them up. This blanket repair kit contains ballistic nylon patches and waterproof Rambo Stormsure glue. Full disclosure, though, there are two reviews on one popular horse site: The first praised how easy this was to use and how well it held up; the other reviewer said the product didn’t work for her at all, though she didn’t give details about the material her blanket was made out of. We’ve had nothing but good experiences with it, so hopefully the bad reviewer’s experience was the exception rather than the rule.


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