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Alltech ONE Virtual Experience reveals global industry surveys


The January session of the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience launched this week with the 2021 Agri-Food Outlook, featuring insights supported by data from Alltech’s industry-leading surveys. The presentation, which is available on demand, highlights results from the 10th annual Alltech Global Feed Survey and the second annual Women in Food & Agriculture Survey. During the virtual session, Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, speaks with global industry experts to go beyond the numbers and explore the trends shaping the future of agri-food.

The discussion focuses on five emerging trends and includes:

  • “China’s Rebound” with Jonathan Forrest Wilson, President of Asia, Alltech; and Winnie Wei Jia, Director of Customer Experience, Alltech China
  • “A Reshaping of the Supply Chain” with Eric Glenn, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Director, Alltech; and Kathryn Britton, Senior Director of IMI Global Operations, Where Food Comes From, Inc.
  • “The Inexorable Rise of E-Commerce” with Anand Ramakrishnan Iyer, Digital Marketing Manager, Alltech
  • “Health-Conscious Consumers” with Nikki Putnam Badding, Director, Acutia and Human Nutrition Initiatives, Alltech
  • “Innovation Through Empathy and Inclusion” with Bianca Martins, General Manager, Alltech Mexico

“This has been an exceptional time for the agri-food industry,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Agriculture stood strong in the face of adversity, and the global food supply chain continues to provide one of the most basic needs for human survival. The data and insights we have gathered reflect challenges, successes and extraordinary opportunities as we chart a course for the future.”

Results from the Alltech Global Feed Survey and the Women in Food & Agriculture Survey, including graphs and maps, are available on the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience platform in conjunction with the virtual session.

Alltech Global Feed Survey

Now in its 10th year, the Alltech Global Feed Survey serves as an invaluable barometer for the state of animal feed production. Fortified by a decade of documentation and research, it is the strongest evaluation of compound feed production and prices in the industry and is the most complete data source of its kind.

The 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates that international feed tonnage increased by 1%, to 1,187.7 million metric tons (MMT) of feed produced last year. China saw 5% growth and reclaimed its position as the top feed-producing country, with 240 MMT. Rounding out the top 10 feed-producing countries, including tonnage and growth percentage, are the U.S. (215.9 MMT, +1%), Brazil (77.6 MMT, +10%), India (39.3 MMT, -5%), Mexico (37.9 MMT, +4%), Spain (34.8 MMT, 0%), Russia (31.3 MMT, +3%), Japan (25.2 MMT, 0%), Germany (24.9 MMT, 0%) and Argentina (22.5, +7%). Altogether, these countries account for 63% of the world’s feed production and can be viewed as an indicator of the overall trends in agriculture.

The global data, collected from more than 140 countries and more than 28,000 feed mills, indicates feed production by species as follows: broilers, 28%; pigs, 24%; layers, 14%; dairy, 11%; beef, 10%; other species, 7%; aquaculture, 4%; and pets, 2%. The predominant growth came from the broiler, pig, aqua and pet feed sectors.

Going beyond the numbers for a holistic look at the state of the industry, the survey also incorporates qualitative questions to uncover trends such as COVID-19, sustainability and antibiotic reduction.

The 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey results, including species-specific feed production numbers, interactive graphs and maps, are available online.

Women in Food & Agriculture Survey

Alltech believes that inclusion cultivates creativity and drives innovation. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right — it is also essential to advancing society and the global agri-food industry. To gather real-world insights into the professional landscape for women in agriculture, Alltech supported the second annual Women in Food & Agriculture (WFA) Survey in partnership with AgriBriefing and the WFA Summit. Launched in October 2020, the survey aimed to collect feedback that empowers the agri-food industry to create a more equitable workplace environment.

For meaningful change to be possible, the conversation itself must be inclusive, so the survey gathered insights from men as well as women. Responses from more than 3,200 participants representing more than 80 countries and all sectors of agriculture shed light on the current workplace environment, barriers to success and the outlook for the future. As 2020 ushered in unprecedented challenges, questions related to COVID-19 reveal its impact on the workforce specifically.

In the survey, more than a fourth (26%) of female respondents indicated that they are the primary caretakers for children or aging parents while working from home. Additionally, 21% of women working within the agri-food industry indicated that they are concerned that working from home will negatively impact their careers. Conversely, 13% of male respondents shared the same concern for their career.

With the majority (62%) of all respondents agreeing that the industry is becoming more inclusive, there is reason to be optimistic.

To access speaker insights from the 2021 Agri-Food Outlook and explore full data results from the Alltech Global Feed Survey and the Women in Food & Agriculture Survey, visit their website.

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