The No Bow Gate — An option you probably didn’t know about


There are certain things in life that only cattle handlers know to be true. First, nothing gets your heart racing as fast as seeing a wide-open gate that is supposed to be closed, and cattle headed straight for it. Second, there are few things quite as painful as hitting your head on a bow gate frame when you forget to duck as you ride a horse through. Third, cattle are tough on equipment, and anything can and will happen.

Arrowquip understands these truths because we have lived through them and are cattle handlers ourselves. We have experienced our fair share of frustrations with gates for cattle and have worked to find a solution to address these concerns and solve other cattle handling problems we have all experienced.

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We are introducing the Arrow No Bow Gate, a stronger, safer, and easier option than the typical bow gate, making cattle handling more effortless and taking some of the weight off your shoulders.

Traditional Cattle Gates

Yard gates are essential for containing livestock and controlling their movement. They have become even more essential as part of cattle handling systems and a way to create flow and vary the speed with which animals move through the system, or to hold animals in one location. Gates are also a critical piece of infrastructure when it comes to adaptability and flexibility in our systems. Most systems have numerous gates allowing various entry and exit points.

With traditional gates, most are either attached to a bow gate frame, or come as a gate with hinges that can be welded or bolted to existing structures and secured with a chain. Anyone who has used one of these gates knows that somehow there always seems to be one bull or cow that challenges it and bends it, or even destroys it beyond repair, leaving you back at square one wondering if there is a better way.

The No Bow Gate

Over time, each generation makes improvements on the one before them. At Arrowquip, current research and development have escalated innovation and technology, allowing us to make improvements at previously unheard-of rates. The Arrow No Bow Gate is the culmination of these efforts and our learned experiences from working cattle.

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What exactly is a No Bow Gate? There are several key features that differentiate the Arrow No Bow Gate from the traditional gates used in most operations today.

Key features of the Arrow No Bow Gate include:

  • Upgraded two-way slam latch for secure closure
  • New hinge system:
    • Remove gate from frame to use as a yard gate
    • o Poly coated to prevent seizing
  • Large 3” rectangular rails
    • Progressively spaced
    • Act as visual barrier cattle easily see
    • Minimizes chances of bruising
  • Swings open fully 360-degrees
  • Cowboy Latch option
  • Added safety latch for securing for longer periods of time

The Arrow No Bow Gate includes desirable features found in a bow gate, such as the sturdy frame, which we incorporated through the bottom frame. This eliminates the inconvenience of having a top bow to be mindful of, so you can drive, ride, or walk through the gate without worrying about hitting your head or damaging the frame.

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We also took features from yard gates, including allowing the gate and unique latch system to be easily removed from the frame and added into an existing system by simply welding or hanging it in place. The new hinge system on the gate makes them more adaptable and allows them to be added into any type of cattle system because of their flexibility to be used with the frame or without, and the added safety latch provides additional peace of mind when safely containing cattle for longer periods of time.

The enhanced two-way slam latch on the No Bow Gate uses the same technology seen in Arrowquip’s Q-Catch and Q-Power cattle chutes to lock the latch securely in place, every time. Cattle handlers should be able to focus on their cattle and getting the job done, not whether their gate will actually close.

Preventing and minimizing bruising is a huge concern in the cattle industry, and one we are all working on. The Arrow No Bow Gate adheres to the highest levels of animal science research to prevent bruising in cattle, leading to more money in your pocket at sale time.

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The three-inch rectangular rails are thick with a large surface area. We all know that cattle will come into contact with the gates and panels in our system. When they do, those three-inch rails provide a larger surface area and decrease the severity of bruising and dark cutters. The flush panel pinning points further mitigate cattle bruising by eliminating another area prone to causing injuries altogether. The three-inch railings also create a better visual barrier cattle easily see, and progressive spacing means calves cannot get their heads stuck.

Your Best Option

Cattle are tough on equipment, that is a universally acknowledged truth. This is why Arrowquip works to continually innovate and manufacture products that are built to last. We also stand behind our products with industry-leading warranty and a money-back safety guarantee.

As with other Arrowquip products, the Arrow No Bow Gate is crafted with the same high-quality construction, making it stronger, sturdier, and more durable than anything else on the market. Cattle handling equipment should make your job and cattle management experiences safer, easier, and more efficient. This is exactly what the Arrow No Bow Gate does. By upgrading and improving upon the features we rely on most in our current cattle handling systems, it provides a solution that is good for stock people, the animals, and your bottom line.

Cattle handlers are well aware of certain truths in life, but we also have the innovative technology to challenge and change these truths and create better systems for the next generation. The new truth cattle handlers will come to know is that the Arrow No Bow Gate is an essential part of every cattle operation.

This article was published on behalf of Arrowquip.

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