Arrowquip reinvented cattle tubs & alleys for enhanced flow


Cattle tubs and alleys are essential parts of a full cattle working system. Although they are the less exciting compared to a squeeze chute, their importance is greater than many realize. Through countless hours of cattle research and real-world testing, Arrowquip says it has found a key to enhancing cattle flow within a working system: light.

By incorporating the patented 3E: Easy Entry & Exit System into the BudFlow Cattle Tubs and Easy Flow Alleys, ranchers are equipped with features that allow them to use cattle behavior and light to their advantage. More importantly, with these new 3E features, the need for cattle hot-shot prods and paddles are reduced, keeping cattle stress levels and bruising to a minimum.

3E from a cow’s perspective:

When cattle are placed in a confined space, their instinct is to return to where they came from, or to find an open area they can escape to. By integrating 3E features that strategically use available light to guide cattle towards the right direction, flow through the tub and alley system is enhanced.

The new 3E BudFlow Cattle Tub is designed with panels that are sheeted lower than the rest. The first low sheeted panel cattle see upon entering the tub convinces cattle they are not entering an enclosed area, while the additional panel found by the exit guides cattle into the alley system easier and provides room for a hesitant cow to be overtaken by the next. For the 12’ radius tub size, a second low sheeted panel is placed across the wide curve to accommodate the larger size, keeping the same effect consistent and initiating the draw required for consistent flow.

The 3E System is incorporated into the new Easy Flow Alleys through the new Removable Panels. Ranchers are now able to customize the sheet height of both sides of the alley to suit their operation, allowing them to control the amount of light and open space cattle see within the alleys.

Ranchers are encouraged to apply low-stress cattle handling techniques such as point of balance to engage flow through the system. Through the 3E features found in the Easy Flow Alleys and BudFlow Tubs, ranchers can easily manage cattle movement while keeping stress levels to a minimum for all animals and people involved.

Taking cattle working systems to the next level:

The new Easy Flow Alleys and 3E BudFlow Tubs are designed to work with Arrowquip chutes for a consistently quiet, efficient, and safe operation. Ranchers can choose among our samples of straight and curved working systems, or reach out to our Cattle Equipment Specialists for assistance in customizing their unique cattle working system. The possibilities are endless!

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