THE BUZZ-KILL easily allows producers to spray cattle for flies


Horn flies, face flies, and stable flies impact cattle production with an estimated economic loss of nearly $1 billion annually to U.S. producers. Spraying cattle is a very effective way to control these profit-robbing pests, and now THE BUZZ-KILL system by W-W Livestock Systems makes it easy, quick, and with minimal stress.

THE BUZZ-KILL is a self-contained, wireless remote activated spray system that allows you to spray cattle with the ease of simply walking them through a gate. No more gathering and running them through a chute, crowding in an alley or sneaking up on them at the feed trough. Set up the system in a gateway or use panels along a fence to create a wing, then calmly walk the cattle through and use the wireless remote to spray them as they pass under. Treating a hundred head takes approximately 15 minutes and treatment can last up to 21 days, depending on the fly control product used and the weather.

The system consists of a power pack that includes a 2.1 gpm pump, 4-gallon tank, solar panel and battery that are all housed in a weather resistant container that is easy to move. The spray panel holds the spray nozzles above the herd and allows the user to easily turn on and off the spray with a wireless remote from up to 300 feet away. The panel is adjustable in width and height allowing for installation and use in many different scenarios. The panel expands from 11.5 feet to 14 feet and, with an extension, kit can be expanded to 16 feet. It is designed with a minimum clearance of 6.5 feet and extends to 8.5 feet in height, allowing for passage of a pickup if used in a gate. The system is designed to quickly and easily connect the power pack to the spray panel, allowing multiple spray panels to be set up and used with a single power pack.

THE BUZZ-KILL can handle water and oil-based insecticide products and is available with two different nozzle spray patterns to best fit your needs. Manufactured by W-W Manufacturing of Thomas, Oklahoma, this system is built for livestock producers by people who know livestock.

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