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Step into the new decade with Arrowquip’s Q-Catch 74 Series cattle chute


Arrowquip — which already makes the world’s quietest squeeze chute, the Q-Catch 86 Series — has released its newest manual cattle chute: the Q-Catch 74 Series. This new chute comes with the same patented auto-locking mechanisms, full access points, and user-friendly features at the 86 Series. Engineered with the practical rancher in mind, the Q-Catch 74 Series is a straight-forward cattle chute that provides ranchers with all that they need to work cattle easily, safely, and efficiently.

A new head gate look

With a design that works with cattle psychology, the new 3E Q-Catch Cattle Head Gate on the Q-Catch  74 Series makes it even easier for livestock to enter the squeeze chute. Even when the head gate is closed, the unique barred style uses light to draw cattle into the chute, greatly improving flow. Experts say this feature works best when the head gate is operated at the rear, allowing ranchers to apply a simple, yet effective technique of point of balance handling.

A step above the rest 

Featuring Arrowquip’s patented dual-friction locks along with push-to-close, pull-to-open levers, every rancher can operate the Q-Catch head gate and squeeze with ease. The Q-Catch 74 Series requires no adjustments when working various sizes of cattle, making it far simpler to use than most chutes. When quick access to all parts of the animal is essential, the Q-Catch 74 Series includes a new drop-down needle bar, cam-slam latches on all doors, and an optional head holder. For added security, especially when using the vet cage, the rubber-coated fiberglass bar and rump fingers will prevent cattle from kicking.

Industry-leading warranty program

The launch of the 400 Series comes with the release of Arrowquip’s extended warranty program which includes a 7-year chute warranty for the Q-Catch 74 Series, making this the longest cattle chute warranty ever offered by a manufacturer. Additionally, the head gate & squeeze auto-locking mechanisms, as well as the row of rump fingers, are backed with a true lifetime guarantee, ensuring that ranchers can have confidence in their equipment just as much as Arrowquip does.

Big things come in small packages

The Q-Catch 74 Series Portable Chute, Alley & Tub is a full working system built for safe and efficient  cattle handling anywhere. Featuring the new Q-Catch 74 Series cattle chute, an 8’ Easy Flow adjustable alley, and an 8’ crowding tub, this portable unit provides ranchers with all that they need to get the job done away from home. With an improved patent-pending system frame optimized for mobility, Arrowquip’s newest portable cattle handling system features the industry’s most compact tow package including a unique collapsible tub that reduces its length by 8 feet.

Product specifications of the Q-Catch 74 Series Chute: 

  • 7-year cattle chute warranty
  • User-friendly head gate handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the chute
  • New Direct Drive System gives you instant head gate response
  • Curtain-style head gate opens to a full 30” top to bottom
  • Easy to use push-to-close, pull-to-open squeeze chute lever
  • Squeeze ranges from 29.5” down to 7.75” to fit all sizes of cattle
  • Patented friction locks on the head gate and squeeze mechanisms feature infinite adjustments
  • Patent-pending needle door with drop-down bar provides 12.75″ of access to the neck
  • Signature rolling door can be operated on either side of the chute
  • Vet cage comes standard and remains stationary when chute is squeezed
  • Top and bottom access doors on both sides lock independently
  • Removable side access panels can be situated in different positions
  • Metal-stamped ribbed floor provides great traction
  • Learn more here.

Q-Catch 74 Series Portable Chute, Alley & Tub:

  • New Q-Catch 74 Series manual chute
  • Both sides of the Easy Flow Alley can be adjusted from one side
  • Cradle-shaped 8’ Adjustable Cattle Alley Section ranges from 29.5” to 18” in width
  • Both side panels drop down fully, allowing the handler to access the animal in case of emergency
  • Safety latches on the Easy Flow Alley side panels add security and control when adjusting, ensuring the sides will not drop accidentally
  • The tub folds in on itself so that it is compact for transport
  • Cattle tub measures just 3′ wide and 8’ long when panels are folded in
  • Single piece steel frame has been reinforced with 2×3 beams that run the length of the unit
  • Includes 2 rolling doors that can be operated on either side
  • Improved hitch is adjustable to suit different vehicles
  • Learn more here.
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