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Hours-of-Service exemption given to livestock haulers amid COVID-19


Amid President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency because of the COVID-19 outbreak that is taking shape in the United States, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is exempting livestock haulers from compliance with federal Hours-of-Service rules that limit drive time. This exemption is being given because livestock haulers fall into the category of food providers, which along with other industries such as medical, sanitation, and fuel, has been deemed particularly necessary during the current state of the country.

It is expected to be in place until at least April 12.

The Livestock marketing Association said it has received official interpretation from the Office of the Secretary of Transportation that all livestock movement fits these exemption definitions. Once the driver has returned to the his or her “normal reporting location,” the driver must still receive a minimum of 10 hours off duty to rest.

Haulers of materials that are not in direct support of emergency relief efforts have not been given this exemption.

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