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How do you know when your farm is mentioned online?


Whether or not you have created a farm website or farm social media channels like Facebook for your farm, your farm’s name might be mentioned by the media or an individual blogger online. In fact, most farms are in Google Maps and Google Earth right now.

These comments might be good or bad but if you don’t know about them then you will never know until someone else notifies you.

But do you have the time to constantly search for your farm’s name online? No. No one has that kind of time, especially someone as busy as a farmer.

That’s why Google and other online monitoring companies have created free online tools that can help you monitor for your farm’s name or your personal name or even your children’s names online (these systems do NOT work within social media channels). The tools are Google Alerts and an alternative, Talkwalker Alerts.

Both are free and easy to set up. Here’s a video I’ve created to help you get started monitoring your farm’s name online.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I’ll do what I can to help you get them set up.

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