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Michigan State football players promote fueling with dairy


The United Dairy Industry of Michigan has partnered with Michigan State University football quarterback Payton Thorne and wide receiver Jayden Reed to support Michigan dairy farmers and share dairy’s impact on sports nutrition.

“As athletes, milk has always been a part of our diets, so we are looking forward to sharing the nutritional benefits of milk and other dairy products with everyone,” said Thorne, who has long been close friends with Reed since they both hail from the Chicago area.

They will work with UDIM to share with athletes how fueling themselves with healthy meals and snacks, including dairy, is vital to their performance.

Image courtesy of United Dairy Industry of Michigan

“Being able to help educate others about the importance of milk, especially up-and-coming athletes, means a lot to us and is something we are proud to do,” Reed said.

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan is the umbrella organization for the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council of Michigan, and it works to promote Michigan’s locally produced dairy products.

Partnerships such as these between the livestock industry and the athletes who rely on their nutrition are not uncommon. For example, the Build Your Base with Beef sports nutrition program utilizes beef as its premier protein and strives to prepare young athletes all the way up to Olympic athletes for a successful sports season. And earlier this fall, the Nebraska Beef Council partnered with the Campbell University football program, the North Carolina Beef Council, and registered sports dietitian Crystal Zabka-Belsky to focus on beef as a premier protein for fueling and performance.

These types of programs provide information to high school, collegiate, and elite professional athletes with education materials developed around comprehensive nutrition, supporting optimal performance on and off the field.

“Enjoying a balanced diet which includes dairy can help fuel athletic performance at all levels,” said Melissa Gerharter, UDIM Executive Director, Youth Wellness. “Chocolate milk, specifically, provides nutrients that refuel and rehydrate after exercise. Payton and Jayden are the perfect athletic duo to bring awareness to this. We’re happy to have them on board.”

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