The next generation of cattle-handling and equipment


We’re always talking about the next generation, whether it is your family, your cell phone, or your latest crop of calves. Does the same mindset apply when it comes to cattle handling and equipment?

Ranch operations should be evolving with the world around us, and that includes the cattle handling equipment. Change is inevitable. Growth and improvement are essential. Or, risk being left behind. Continuous growth is synonymous with a healthy economic bottom line and an operation that can survive and thrive in a competitive business climate. It is also about doing what is best for our cattle and for the people working on our farms and ranches.

A few key areas of improvements separate the good and the elite cattle operations. These include:

  • Using animal behavior and low-stress cattle handling techniques
  • Incorporating superior genetics into your cattle
  • Adopting a growth mindset for continuous improvement
  • Investing in quality cattle handling equipment that is built on safety features, ease-of-use, and innovative design

Research and development in cattle handling and equipment has allowed Arrowquip to introduce the next generation in our legendary line-up of cattle handling equipment, the Q-Catch 74 Series Cattle Squeeze Chute and the Portable Q-Catch 74 Series Chute, Alley and Tub.

We believe that cattle handling and equipment should be practical and work with the behavior of cattle, as determined by the best animal science researchers in the world. Cattle equipment should help you work cattle easily, safely, and efficiently. That is what the next generation is all about, building off of the work of the previous generation and making improvements. Efficient cattle handling can only be achieved when your cattle are working with you, not against you.

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The Q-Catch 74 Series is built around the following features:

  • Our new design works with cattle psychology to enhance flow
  • Cattle can see light past the head gate, even when it is closed
  • It greatly improves catching accuracy

We worked with ranch operations and implemented their ideas and suggestions with our team of engineers to formulate the next generation of our cattle handling equipment. Hours of testing helped us fine-tune the products, while some key features have been improved or added in our latest models.

Access to the animal

Cattle handling equipment should be as flexible as the stock people working on the operation. Different situations require different access points, and we built in new features to improve access while maintaining the highest level of safety and decreasing cattle and handler stress.

From the split access doors and removable inspection gates, to the upgraded needle door and full-size vet cage, you can access all parts of the animal with ease. When doctoring cattle, the nylon rump fingers, along with the optional sheeted sternum bar and head holder, help you stabilize the animal safely.

Light equals movement

The 3E Q-Catch Head Gate has a barred design that allows light through and draws cattle into the chute. Open space and light is always visible in the head gate. It is a simple, yet effective, improvement that uses cattle psychology to reduce hesitation, making it easier to catch cattle from behind. Our patent-pending metal-stamped ribbed flooring provides great traction as cattle work their way through the chute.

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These days, everything is mobile. You may even be reading this from your phone that also serves as a computer. Arrowquip has offered portable cattle handling equipment for years but was able to refine some of the features in the Portable Q-Catch 74 Series Chute, Alley & Tub to simplify transport to another area on your operation, or to a neighboring ranch.

With our patented system frame, this full handling system features a compact package that makes towing easier than ever before. The two rolling alley gates in the portable system allow you to control the movement of cattle through the system. Our Easy Flow alley is also adjustable to work with cattle of any size.

Effortless operation

Head gate mechanisms in our Q-Catch 74 series are push to close and pull to open. The Direct Drive system offers the industry’s fastest head gate response time and can be operated from any location along the chute.

With the Q-Catch 74 Series, improving your ranch has never been this easy. We stand by our equipment, and our seven-year chute warranty and lifetime warranty on the mechanisms mean that you do not need to worry about your cattle-handling equipment being a problem for the next generation.

Arrowquip is a world-renowned manufacturer of cattle-handling solutions. We have 30 years of experience, and are known for innovative designs, technological advancements, investment in animal science, and forward-thinking equipment. Our years of research, equipment development process, extensive testing periods, and the refusal to settle for “good enough” have set a new precedent within the livestock-handling industry.

The next generation of cattle handling and equipment is here.


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