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Blogger chooses to agvocate gracefully rather than let misconceptions win


Over the weekend, Georgia farmer Abbie Alexander posted “An Open Letter to the Neighbor who hates our Chicken Houses” on her blog, Simply Rural. Too often we can think that growing up in an agricultural community means that everyone is on the same page — including odors from livestock, slow-driving combines on two-lanes roads during harvest, and how farming in general works. That’s just life, right?

As Alexander found out and eloquently explained in her blog post, there are some neighbors who don’t “get it.”

“I instantly feel hurt and anger and to be honest a bit of betrayal after the confrontation where you exposed your feelings about our farm. But instead of anger and hurt, I’m choosing grace and understanding and education,” she said in the post.

She said she has witnessed her neighbors taking all the modern misconceptions about farming and multiplying them. Please, take a moment to read this post. It will serve you well.



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