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Snopes debunks ‘cow crusher’ Facebook post


In this world we live in, with lots and lots of information available, it’s sometimes difficult to sort out truths, falsehoods, and satire. Snopes took on a recent Facebook post that was making the rounds on social media. No, a cow crusher is not actually used to crush cows. Unfortunately, too many people believed that that’s exactly what this device is used for.

Last week a mother who identified herself as Sam posted this image to the “Animals are people, too” Facebook page claiming the device is used to literally crush cows.

As Snopes pointed out the photograph is real and the livestock equipment is referred to as “livestock crush,” “cow crush,” or a “cattle crush” but it is not used to actually crush the animal. Aka “squeeze chutes” or “cattle turnover crates” are used to restrain livestock in order to give farmers and veterinarians the opportunity to safely administer various types of care to the animal such as tagging, weighing, and vaccinating.

The photo originated from Glendale Engineering, a UK company that specializes in the manuacturing of these safe and stressless, easy to operate crates. Controlled by using electro-hydraulics or tractor spool valves, the cattle turnover crate is easy to transport and is galvanised for instant cleaning and longevity.

So, despite what you may hear about this device, this is not how Slim Jims are made.

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