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Zoetis launches online resource for bovine respiratory disease


Questions about how to treat bovine respiratory disease? Zoetis has you covered with a new convenient online resource is the most comprehensive resource for managing against the disease that causes up to 70% of deaths in feedlots and 89% of deaths in stocker operations. This interactive website provides producers, and their veterinarians, with information on:

  • Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) education to help better understand strategies to combat this complex disease
  • Solutions that can help optimize cattle health and well-being
  • Good antibiotic stewardship
  • Disease management insights from veterinarians and producers

“BRD is already complicated, and our goal is to make a solution feel simple,” said Shawn Blood, DVM, Beef Strategic Technical Services at Zoetis. “When we talk about BRD Solutions, the solution is not necessarily just a product. It may be a product, multiple products, services or just good management practices. As BRD continues to be a costly threat to the health and well-being of cattle, costing the cattle industry around $1 billion each year, applying customizable BRD Solutions can help producers and veterinarians meet the needs of their operation to better manage BRD. With BRD Solutions, you’ll be supported with first-in-class vaccines, antimicrobials, feed additives, and a very extensive and knowledgeable support staff with Technical Services veterinarians and nutritionists you’ve come to know and expect from Zoetis.”

With the goal of reducing BRD morbidity and mortality in operations, BRD Solutions offers a comprehensive range of BRD management programs from disease prevention to control and treatment of sick cattle when needed. Solutions like effective vaccines are available to avoid costly treatments by helping boost cattle immune response against BRD pathogens, and feed additives can help support animal health with an extra level of protection.

And if cattle get sick, a veterinarian can recommend the right class of antimicrobial to help control and treat challenges with BRD unique to the operation. Zoetis offers three different and complementary classes of antimicrobials — Draxxin (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution, Excede (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) Sterile Suspension ,and Advocin (danofloxacin injection) Sterile Antimicrobial Injectable Solution — that are supported by research that demonstrates efficacy in controlling and treating BRD.

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