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2022 World Ag Expo announces its top new product winners


The results have been released for the World Ag Expo’s 2022 Top-10 New Products Competition, and the winners will be showcased February 8 to 10, 2022, during the event in Tulare, California.

The field of new products were submitted for the contest by World Ag Expo exhibitors. Products ranged from simple solutions to autonomous robots and electric vehicles. The contest judges were made up of farmers, ranchers, and industry professionals.

Winners will be noted on show maps, marked with “Top-10 Winner” flags at the show, and recognized at an awards session at the expo’s opening ceremonies on February 8.

The competition is conducted annually by the International Agri-Center in conjunction with the World Ag Expo, which draws more than 1,400 exhibitors and an estimated annual average of 100,000 individuals from 70 countries. Exhibitors must nominate their products for judging by October 31 to be eligible.

The Top 10 new products were:

1. All-Electric Class 8 Refrigerated Truck by Hummingbird EV

These zero-emission Class 8 refrigeration trucks handle the movement of Ag goods from farm to warehouse, warehouse to packing centers, packing centers to cold storage, cold storage to retail warehouses, and from retail warehouses to consumers.

Hummingbird EV’s website

2. Smart Autonomous Robot by Naϊo Technologies

The robot offers a sustainable, serviceable, and smart farming solution combining high edge technology in robotics and AI. Naϊo engineered a light electric and autonomous ag robot for sustainable reasons: no carbon emission, no chemical use. The autonomous high precision robot is dedicated to large-scale vegetable crops and is a sustainable alternative to the use of herbicides that respects soils, improves working conditions, and collects data for smart farming. It can also carry any implement that growers are using at the back of the robot thanks to its three-point attachment. 

Naϊo Technologies’ website

3. Clip Plugs by Rain Bird

Rain Bird Clip Plugs help save water by providing a simple way for growers to close emitter outlets when using heavy-wall dripline. Each Clip Plug features a unique ratchet closing mechanism to ensure a tight fit that prevents leaks and can be easily adapted to driplines ranging from 16 to 20 mm in diameter; making them an ideal solution for growers who want to temporarily or permanently shut off flow from unneeded emitters.

Rain Bird’s website

4. E70N Electric Tractor by Solectrac

Solectrac’s E70N is a 100 percent battery-powered electric tractor specifically designed for vineyard, orchard, and commercial farming operations. This 70 HP equivalent electric tractor offers all of the power of a similar sized diesel tractor but eliminates the diesel exhaust and associated emissions and noise while providing instant torque.

Solectrac’s website

5. TJ Hoof Hub by TJ Hoof Care

TJ Hoof Hub is an all-inclusive, revolutionary mobile data management solution for the cattle hoof trimming industry. Hoof trimmers will have the ability to digitally document all of their work, including photos for healing progress management, generate various hoof health reports, manage and view their calendar, build custom customer profiles, create custom treatment items and pricing, generate invoices, collect payments, streamline customer communication, monitor their inventory, and much more!

TJ Hoof Care’s website

6. Burro by Burro

Burros are people-scaled collaborative robots designed to help people work more productively, while building a base platform for more automation where it is needed most. Burros use computer vision, high precision GPS, and AI to navigate autonomously alongside people, while scouting crops and carrying produce, autonomous tools, and/or other payloads.

Burro’s website

7. Mini GUSS by GUSS Automation LLC

The Mini GUSS is the next revolutionary autonomous machine to come from GUSS Automation, developers of autonomous agricultural equipment. This new, more compact version of GUSS allows vineyard, hops, blueberry, and high-density orchard growers to realize the many benefits of GUSS autonomous sprayers.

GUSS Automation’s website

8. IT Rover by InsightTRAC

The IT Rover is a ground robot that travels down the orchard rows taking action on reducing pest populations and collecting data, providing further insight into the crop’s performance.

InsightTRAC’s website

9. Teatwand Parallel by Onfarm Solutions

The Teatwand Parallel is the first and only ‘parallel parlor ’ in-parlor automated teat spraying system in the world. The system utilizes a gantry system to transport each spray arm down the parlor to accurately spray the cows’ teats before and after milking. A typical installation for a parlor from 40-60 stalls consists of four arms controlled by a centralized control system. It will place the spray nozzles directly under the cows’ teats ensuring accurate and consistent spray placement. A unique safety system allows the four arms to operate in the parlor safely while the milkers are working.

Onfarm Solutions’ website

10. Tule Vision by Tule Technologies

Tule Vision is an iPhone app that uses artificial intelligence to allow users to take and track midday leaf water potential readings in grapevines. Tule Vision provides important data to help inform irrigation decisions, without the cost and hassle of a traditional pressure chamber.

Tule Technologies’ website

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