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Alabama Tractor Supply employee takes down armed robber


A Dothan, Alabama, Tractor Supply employee took matters into his own hands Tuesday when an armed robber attempted to steal Wolverine boots.

On August 7, Dothan Police Responded to a Tractor Supply, located in the 3700 block of West Main Street, to reports of a robbery in progress. When officers arrived they found that the suspect was being held on the ground by an employee of the business. The suspect was taken into custody at that time.

Employees reported that Kyle Dustin Head, 26, of Zion Crossroads, Virginia, walked into the store and put on a pair of new Wolverine boots. According to reports, Head put his old boots in the new box and attempted to walk out of the store. An employee stopped him at the door and a struggle ensued. During the struggle Head brandished a knife, but the employee was able to wrestle him to the ground where he held him until police arrived.

The employee suffered bruising to the face and only suffered minor injuries. Head was charged with first degree robbery and is being held with no bond.

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