Alltech’s ONE18 Conference promises epic ideas exchange


ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE18) promises attendees will get a unique opportunity to participate in a global conversation about industry innovations, challenges, and solutions. Over 50 topics are slated for discussion.

ONE18, held May 20–22 in Lexington, Kentucky, will include general sessions with world-class speakers providing insights and inspiration that transcend culture, profession, and time. Subject- and species-specific breakout sessions with industry experts will give attendees from all realms of agriculture an opportunity to engage in an exchange of ideas relevant to their particular fields.

Now in its 34th year, Alltech’s conference is attended annually by nearly 4,000 people from over 70 countries. Whether attendees are navigating a fundamental change within the agribusiness industry or just need a little inspiration, they’ll learn about real-world opportunities during sessions designed to impart knowledge while provoking the imagination.

Sessions and sample discussions are listed below. Topics are subject to change.


  • Fish and Chips: Feeding Genetic Potential
    Do you know what the gene chip means for your fish? Could it unlock their genetic potential for maximum performance and productivity?
  • First-Rate Fillets: Consistent Quality for Premium Products
    When it comes to fillet quality, consumers want to ensure they’re spending their money on a premium product. How can you use nutritional solutions to protect fish fillets for consistent quality?


  • Kerchin: Breaking Down the Beef Blockchain
    “Blockchain” is a word everybody hears but few understand. Discover how modern technology can optimize your operation today.
  • Mineral Myths: Mining the Truth About Organic Trace Minerals
    Science has spoken, and the message is clear: Organic trace minerals mean less inclusion, less waste, and better meat quality. What mineral myths prevent you from embracing the future?

Crop Science

  • A Pesticide-Free Planet: Science, or Science Fiction?
    Just as consumer demand grew for antibiotic-free meat, the drumbeat is now building for pesticide-free crop production. Is this a realistic idea or an impossibility?
  • Fresh Lessons From Fruit and Vegetable Markets
    What issues cropped up in fruit and vegetable production in the 21st century? From disease pressure to consumer demands, how are the most innovative producers tackling their challenges?


  • Bytes: Tech That Feeds Us
    Stakeholders in our food supply chain are becoming inextricably linked, blurring the lines between science, farming, food and retail. Let’s imagine how the food chain will link in the future.
  • Get More From Your Milk: Increasing Milk Value
    What can the dairy industry do to strengthen milk’s position in the market? From organic varieties to cheese, milk has the potential to create new opportunities all along the food chain.


  • Prize Pig: Winning Ideas in Feed
    How do advanced genetics play a role in growth and feed efficiency? Join us as we discuss feeding for optimum health and productivity.
  • Life Without Viruses: Beyond Vaccines
    How can we move beyond vaccines to involve new technologies in the battle against diseases such as PRRS? What genetic potential is unlocked when we live life without viruses?


  • Flocking to Digital: 8 Disruptive Digital Technologies
    How can emerging technologies help poultry producers respond to industry demands and meet the needs of an increasing global population?
  • Hatching a Plan for Superior Eggs
    The consumer is becoming more critical of egg quality as they consider eggshell strength, uniformity and color. What can you do to ensure superior external and internal egg quality?


  • All Eyes on Ag: Leading the Future of Agribusiness
    Why are so many mega brands interested in agribusiness? Join us for a look at why brands such as Microsoft are betting the farm on agriculture.
  • Does Social Responsibility Sell?
    As consumers become more interested in what companies stand for, does your public relations strategy convey the right message?

Business of Food

  • Embracing McChange: Consumer Demands and Maintaining the Brand
    Since 1955, McDonald’s has expanded to over 35,000 locations in over 100 countries while maintaining brand success that transcends time and culture. Hear the story of how an iconic company adapts to evolving consumer demands without losing its identity.
  • Extra Cheese, Hold the Driver: A Fresh Idea in Food Delivery
    Automotive giants are joining forces with the agri-food industry in their search for diversification. As mega brands unite, could a partnership between Toyota and Pizza Hut deliver a new system using autonomous vehicles?

Brewing and Distilling

  • Knowledge is Power: The Craft Revolution
    Highly educated consumers are now influencing trends. Why does this information matter to them, and what information should breweries and distilleries share about processes and products?
  • Craft Beer Goes High-Tech
    Sustainability has long been a focus of craft brewing. Is cavitation the new method that will revolutionize brewing and save brewers time, energy and money?

Health and Wellness

  • Meeting of the Minds
    According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an estimated 47 million people worldwide are currently living with dementia, and this number will triple by 2050. With a new case diagnosed every three seconds, can we stop the clock on Alzheimer’s?
  • Fight of the Century: Online vs. In-Store Shopping
    How should sellers adapt their messaging for both the online and the in-store shopper? What is the long-term outlook, and where will the trend go from here?


  • Futuristic Fido: Reinventing the Pet Sector
    The pet industry is growing by leaps and bounds. As technology advances in every sector, what does it mean for the pet industry? What eight technologies could disrupt the companion animal market?
  • Feed the Breed: Better Pet Nutrition through Nutrigenomics
    Can we improve pet nutrition by understanding how nutrients will interact with a pet’s genes? Learn about developing a pet food that can support heart health, brain function, joint health and overall well-being.


  • An Ounce of Prevention: Feeding Regiment and Pasture Management
    Could nutritional intervention help metabolic disorders in competition horses? Join us for an in-depth discussion and learn how nutritional solutions such as algae can serve as alternatives to medication.
  • The Making of a World Champion: Now and Forever
    From feeding strategies and breeding to alternative therapies and beyond, what goes into raising and maintaining a champion? Through dedicated equine management and by leveraging new resources, equestrians can create a legacy.

The conference experience extends beyond superior presentation content, with attendees invited to embark on area tours throughout the Bluegrass and network with peers from across the globe. They’ll enjoy first-class cuisine in the city that Zagat named one of the “30 Most Exciting Food Cities in America in 2017” and dance the night away at the annual Kentucky Night celebration, held in the Alltech Arena at the world-famous Kentucky Horse Park.

In previous years, the ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference stage has been graced by the world’s most prominent thought leaders and change-makers, including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and General Colin Powell, former U.S. secretary of state. Who will it be this year? ONE18 keynote speakers will be announced shortly. Follow the ONE18 Facebook event page for updates.

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