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7 amazing corn mazes — and how to solve them


Every fall, farms across the United States transform their corn fields into interactive mazes, perfect for a fall family outing. But unfortunately, many people won’t be able to travel to visit their local mazes this year. That’s why the folks at NetCredit decided to digitally replicate a selection of the most amazing corn mazes so readers can find their way through — and out of — these beautiful mazes from the comfort of their homes.

To do this, NetCredit used the Corn Mazes America database to curate a selection of corn mazes that are challenging and unique-looking. They then worked with CG artists to render them at the perfect angle to be solved on screen. The result? A slice of armchair travel allowing you to solve America’s craziest mazes without even stepping foot in them. While some of the solutions are quite difficult, others are certainly more straight-forward — regardless, the creativity and fun of these mazes are readily apparent!

You can click the graphic below to see each maze and a gif of the solutions.

Can you solve the seven craziest corn mazes?

These are the seven mazes that were selected:

  1. Treinen Farm’s Trilobite Maze — Lodi, Wisconsin. The Treinen Farm’s 2017 corn maze was a giant trilobite, which is Wisconsin’s state fossil.
  2. Treworgy Family Orchards’ Blueberries for Sal Maze —  Levant, Maine. In 2019, the Treworgy family’s maze won second place in the USA Today Reader’s Choice Award. 
  3. Gull Meadows Maze — Richland, Michigan. Since 1949, the Wendzel family has been farming and providing family fun on their farm.  
  4. Queens County Farm Maze –Queens, New York. Attendees have the opportunity to get lost in NYC’s only corn maze at Queens County Farm.
  5. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Maze — Ronks, Pennsylvania. Celebrating 25 years in business, Cherry Crest Farms knows a thing or two about corn mazes. 
  6. Davis Mega Maze’s Lost Vegas — Sterling, Massachusetts. In 1998, the Davis family launched a whole new Davis Mega Maze farm park, just two years after trying out their first corn maze. It has been a hit ever since. 
  7. Lentini Farms Maze — Fredon Township, New Jersey. The Lentini Farm consist of a 10 acre corn maze consisting of approximately three miles of walking paths!

This project is part of a series of content campaigns commissioned by NetCredit that are focused on the history, culture, and nature of the United States. These projects have the goal of shining a light on achievements and issues, as well as celebrating the country and educating readers on the history and unique culture of each state.

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