Women Heroes of Science & Technology educational program launching to inspire girls in STEM


It’s often nice to have someone to look up to — a role model whose passion and success you want to emulate. American Agri-Women is hoping to give girls better access to those women who have done great things in STEM fields by launching a Women Heroes of Science & Technology educational program.

Bayer’s Crop Science along with McCain Foods are sponsoring the initial project, a downloadable bookmark series for middle school students and others. Profiles, which will offer more in-depth information about the scientists and their careers, are also being developed.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As technology increases, there will be more demand for people in STEM careers, especially in the field of agriculture. Women scientists and technologists are finding innovative ways to help farmers and ranchers produce more food in a safe and sustainable way. They are also coming up with new food, fiber, and fuel products and other new uses for agriculture products.

AAW is encouraging young people to enter STEM careers and is providing resources to teachers and parents as they support budding careers. Plans are under way to expand the program to provide additional educational resources.

Visit this site to view and download the bookmarks.

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