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Arctic Apples names its new orchard Glacial Acres


Arctic Apples put out the call for suggestions on what to name its new orchard in Washington state, and hundreds upon hundreds of people responded to the contest. The winning name is: Glacial Acres.

“We liked how the name complements our Arctic brand name, but it’s also very fitting since the land our new orchard is on has deep, fertile soils due to the retreating glaciers from over 10,000 years ago!” a company spokeswoman told AGDAILY.

glacial acres
Image courtesy of Arctic Apples

You can click here to go to Arctic’s website and read some of the other creative — and funny! — name offerings. Arctic said it was pleased at the overwhelming response it got, and the folks there enjoyed going through them all.

The company asked people to use the #arcticapples hashtag on social media, and that the name had to:

  • tie in to the Arctic brand
  • tell a bit of a story, or hint at one
  • look good on a big sign (you know, just in case)
  • be respectful

Arctic is the apple company that engineered the first commercially available non-browning apple. The company expects all 480 acres of its new orchard to be planted this coming spring.

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