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Baltimore seafood restaurant tears into PETA on Twitter


These meaty taunts were dished out cold, and because of them, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore has earned itself a whole new legion of fans.

PETA is known for being one of the most anti-animal agriculture groups on the planet, but when the activist organization dipped its toes into Baltimore’s beloved blue crab industry by erecting a billboard saying, “I’m me, not meat,” the response from one restaurant was swift, hilarious, and still ongoing!

In a tweet on Aug. 23, PETA showed off its new billboard, drawing only about three dozen retweets.

That’s when Jimmy’s Famous Seafood fired back in a tweet showing some deliciously cooked crab that has gotten 16,000+ retweets.

Of course, the back and forth didn’t end there, and when PETA said that no one likes being boiled alive, Jimmy’s pointed out in a screenshot all of the animals that PETA has been found to have killed, highlighting just how hypocritical the Virginia-based organization is and how they’re really more about image and money than they are about helping anyone or anything. 

It’s probably no surprise that PETA never responded again on Twitter to this rebuttal (or at least never tagged Jimmy’s directly), but they did issue a generic statement though a local media outlet.

Yet in a classic case of “Wait, there’s more!,” Jimmy’s and the restaurant’s Twitter fans have been pouring it on, making efforts to further undermine PETA.

Here are some of the tweets we’ve seen since the initial exchange:

About a week ago, PETA tried to salvage what it could from the situation and put up a somewhat defensive billboard that said, “Why so crabby? Letting others live might just save your life.” We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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