Chris Soules trial postponed, attorneys ask judge to reconsider


Former “Bachelor” Chris Soules was supposed to have his day in court in January, but now court documents say the trial will begin before May 7, 2018.

In April, the Iowa farmer turned reality television star was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash after an accident that resulted in the death of farmer Kenny Mosher.

In addition to the trial being postponed, Soules’ attorneys are working on trying to get the judge to reconsider her previous motion not to throw out the charges against him. According to the Des Moines Register, lawyers wrote in a filing Thursday that they would like the court to reconsider their argument that Soules satisfied the intent of the law by calling 911, identifying himself, and tending to Mosher’s medical needs.

Also, Soules’ lawyers are asking the court to address their arguments in the context of “the rule of lenity,” which requires that those ambiguities in a criminal statute relating to prohibition and penalties be resolved in favor of the defendant if it is not contrary to legislative intent.  The lawyers also want clarification on how long Soules should have remained at the scene.

Soules made this more than 5-minute-long 911 call after the collision, and it appears he tried checking the tractor driver’s pulse after the collision, before leaving the scene. He was arrested later at his home, and authorities said that alcoholic beverages and containers had been found in the vehicle.

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