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CLAAS debuts TRION 740 combine at Farm Progress Show


The newly-released Cummins-powered CLAAS TRION 740 made its debut this week at the Farm Progress Show. The class 7 combine features Cummins’ efficient L9 engine, offering farmers up to 430 horsepower in the state-of-the-art harvester.

The TRION 740 combine was designed with an eye toward corn and soybean producers as a competitive offering for small to midsize farming operations.

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Ann Schmelzer, Managing Director of Cummins Global Agriculture Business, said: “Cummins has had a strong presence in the agricultural machinery industry for many years. Our wealth of experience has enabled us to offer our partner, CLAAS, products that are optimized for the performance of combine harvesters. We are excited for the TRION to make its North American debut at the Farm Progress show.”

Machine reliability is a high priority. The CLAAS TRION offers long greasing intervals and extended wear parts across 60 percent of the crop flow to minimize downtime. It has been proven in five years of field tests across three different continents. With affordability in mind, the CLAAS TRION also offers active slope compensation and minimal fuel consumption to keep more dollars in farmers’ pockets.

In a combine, threshing and separation are key. With the CLAAS TRION, threshing adjustments are made in-line with the changing harvest conditions throughout the day. A tri-cylinder APS threshing unit gently guides a 56-inch-wide crop mat across concave grates into a single rotor, ensuring that more grain makes it to the tank. Only CLAAS brings individually controlled cylinder threshing and rotor separation together in one machine.

“Innovative, efficient, reliable and bold are a few words I would use to describe the TRION 740,” says Eric Raby, Senior Vice President, Americas, for CLAAS. “By listening to the needs of our customers and bringing our brightest thinking into research and development, CLAAS is providing customers with two truly innovative products that will take their farming operation to new levels of productivity.”

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“The Class 7 combine market segment has long been in need of new innovation,” says Greg Frenzel, CLAAS Product Manager – Combines. The company’s latest combine design re-energizes this segment by delivering CLAAS innovation in an unparalleled crop flow design on an affordable and reliable chassis.

The TRION’s 402 horsepower Cummins engine, providing high torque at low RPM’s. This power level easily handles 12-row chopping corn heads or draper headers up to 40 feet wide. Pairing the 341-bushel grain tank and 3.8 bushel per second unloading rate simplifies grain handling in the field. A top road speed of 19 miles per hour means the CLAAS TRION is prompt between fields. Changing to harvest soybeans rather than corn takes less than five minutes, keeping idle time in the middle of the day to a minimum.

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