Coors Lights #ToastToFarmers campaign to show appreciation


Coors Light is hitting back!  In a partnership between Brothers Osborn and Coors Light, the singer/songwriter duo took to twitter to support farmers with #ToastToFarmers before the Grammy’s on Sunday. The “pregame ritual” highlighted Coors Light and their new campaign, #ToastToFarmers. The campaign is set in action for tomorrow (Friday) for anyone across the country to show their support by toasting to farmers with “the world’s most refreshing beer.” 

According to MillerCoors press release, “The celebration – hashtagged #ToastToFarmers – is a tribute to the men and women who harvest the ingredients that go into the World’s Most Refreshing Beer. It’s also the latest riposte to Anheuser-Busch for spending millions on national ads during the big game attacking Coors Light and Miller Lite for using corn syrup in the brewing process.”

Farmers and ag companies across the country are celebrating the hard work of American farmers with #ToastToFarmers. Coors Light and Miller Lite are not only stand up to Anheuser-Busch, but also standing up for farmers. They have explained their process with corn syrup, not high fructose corn syrup, and also want transparency for their consumers. 

So while you celebrate with your Valentine, or if you Valentine is a cold one, raise a toast to the American farmer and celebrate this wonderful life we have been given. 

Miller Lite hit back by running this full page ad in the New York Times. Talk about a #corntroversy.

Perhaps the biggest winner of the #corntroversy? National Corn Growers Association. Pete Coors, chairman of the company, personally delivered a shipment of Coors Light and Miller Lite to a NCGA meeting being held in Denver on Feb. 5. 

I wonder if  Bud Light has started to regret their 30 second ad for the Super Bowl yet?.. Even though Anheuser-Busch still uses corn syrup in many of their adult beverages, they have become the enemy for corn farmers across the country after the ad played. Maybe they will think twice before they use the American farmer as collateral damage next time.  

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