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It’s hot, why not? Cow rescued from Maryland swimming pool


A Maryland volunteer fire department received an unusual call this week when they were asked to come rescue a cow from a swimming pool.

On Tuesday, the Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department was alerted to the 3800 block of Birdsville Road for a reported animal rescue in water. Upon response, the crew learned that a cow had fallen into a swimming pool.

After about one and half hours of assembling make shift steps with cinder blocks, crews, with the assistance of the homeowners, were able to get the cow out of the swimming pool. However, once the cow was removed from the pool, she was unable to get up on her own.

The fire department tried multiple things to get her up and moving, and then built a harness out of a three inch fire hose to lift her with a tractor. Crews were able to move her to a pasture and remove all devices from her. After removing all devices she was able to stand up on her own and walk around.

The entire rescue took about three hours.

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