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Dairy Producer grants offer nonprofits opportunities at $5,000


With the new year rapidly approaching, the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation is offering an opportunity for up to $5,000 in grants to fund programs for producers, students, and to build public trust with consumers.

The dairy foundation was founded by producers and agribusiness friends who believe education is the key to a healthy dairy community and want to ensure that this strongly held value remains part of our rural infrastructure. Applications are due on Thursday, December 1, with notifications of award decisions being sent out by January 1, 2023. 

So far, the organization has awarded more than $300,000 in grants since 2010 to support programs to equip the dairy community with resources and tools to help them be better managers, leaders, and ambassadors.

“As budgets continue to tighten for many organizations, Dairy’s Foundation grants are a great way to get a new idea or program off the ground,” said Brian Forrest, Dairy’s Foundation board chair and dairy producer from Stratford, Wis. “Dairy’s Foundation is made possible by the generous support of dairy producers and the dairy community, and we are excited to provide opportunities to encourage the next generation of dairy producers and strengthen trust with consumers.”

All grant seekers must be an active non-profit organization with an IRS status of 501(c)(3) or (c)(5) within the United States to be eligible to apply. The maximum amount 

The Dairy’s Foundation Selection Committee will weigh the quality of proposals against any or all of the following considerations:

  1. Industry Leadership: Will this grant be a catalyst for change or further education opportunities? Like a tugboat, our funds can be used to lead the industry into uncharted waters, trying new ideas.

  2. Shareability: Does this grant align with the PDPF mission, “To share ideas, resources, and experiences about important issues surrounding the dairy industry through educational opportunities for dairy producers and the public.” 

  3. Leverage: Will this grant make use of already proven solutions? 

  4. Impact: Is the applying organization capable of demonstrating measurable impact? 

  5. Commitment to Partnership: Is the applying organization capable of helping the Foundation grow its influence and capacity in the future? 

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