Why the world cares about a photo of an egg


Google the word egg. As a journalist in agriculture, you would hope to find many scientific, farm-related articles, or even how nutritious an egg can be in your diet. Instead, almost the whole first page on Google is populated with the photo of an egg that recently broke the Internet, or should I say Instagram. You may think, why should I care about this? I don’t even have Insta-Snap-book. You should care because it just broke the record for the most liked photo of all time on Instagram. 

Sorry Kylie Jenner — honestly couldn’t tell you which one of the Kardashian sisters that is,  but I know they are kinda a big deal to the rest of the world — you just lost the record for the most liked photo on Instagram. If anyone cares, it has over 42 MILLION likes on Instagram. How did this happen? @world_record_egg only has 1 post. This is blowing minds of millions. Posted on Jan. 4, the handle had one goal in mind — to break the record for the most liked photo on Instagram. 

This egg is simply just that. No celebrity endorsement, not trying to sell anything, just an egg. The Internet is a weird thing that sometimes doesn’t make sense, but I am OK with that. I am OK with an egg being more popular than the Kardashian/Jenner family. In a time when the ag industry is under constant scrutiny, I am OK with this lighthearted, silly “news” story. 

Is this the end for the egg story? Will it try to take over more records in 2019? Will this increase the demand for eggs at the grocery store? Could this be the big break for chicken farmers? I guess only time will tell. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my eggs fried over medium with bacon and toast. 

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