Farm to Market online course: An ag business breakthrough


After years of farming and management experience in both South Africa and the United States, Farm to Market designed a break-through program, to properly equip farmers with a framework against which to act and grow more effectively in a supervisory or management position, or in managing a farm.

The program is based on three broad philosophies: a Systems approach (keep it simple) in business principles, Continuous Quality Improvement, and Ethics and values. The program is based on a lifetime of learning through personal experience, the completion of several degrees including a post basic degree in adult education and an MBA, and the observation of others, with a hope to share this knowledge to help others succeed in the industry.

After spending years working with migrant and other farm workers, with limited to no formal education, but who possessed management and leadership potential, it became clear that there’s a dire need for functional learning in management in the farming community.

Presented as an online course, to be completed at your own pace, the Farm to Market course will typically take 6-12 months to complete. Knowledge transfer is tested not through standard examinations, but via practical application tasks throughout the program, with a final assignment. The course will be financially affordable for all economic situations, and is open to all students; standard literacy and working in Ag are the only requirements.

Farm to Market courses are currently available in both South Africa and the United States; Africa and Asia to follow soon.

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