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Farmers hope to give consumers A Fresh Look at GMO farming


There’s an abundance of information about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but much of it is confusing and lacks balance.  That’s why the organization, A Fresh Look, has formed — to provide trustworthy, research-based information to consumers about the benefits of GMO farming methods.

The organization has launched a self-titled public education campaign to provide the resources people need to make informed decisions about their food choices. A Fresh Look will showcase successful progressive farming methods that provide measurable benefits to families and farmers alike. The campaign will illustrate ways in which GMO farming helps farmers produce healthy crops using less resources and fewer chemicals.

“In a time when we’re surrounded by loud opinions on virtually everything, our goal is to arm consumers with accurate information to empower their grocery shopping choices and remove judgement around those choices,” says A Fresh Look Chair John McCreedy.

Other board members include Vice Chair John Enright, Treasurer and Secretary Rodney Perry, and Assistant Secretary Heather Luther.

Animal science experts are also joining the conversation. Terry Etherton, PhD., head of animal sciences and distinguished professor of Animal Nutrition at Penn State University weighed in about the importance of arming consumers with the facts.

“I am proud to support this organization and help in the campaign to show folks how much GMO farming helps farmers do their jobs in a more sustainable way,” says Etherton.

Marianne Smith Edge, a past president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and founder/principal of The AgriNutrition Edge, says she looks forward to sharing the message of how farming with genetically engineered crops is a more efficient, economical, and safer way to produce food.

“GMO crops generally need fewer pesticides and produce greater yield per acre, ” says Smith Edge. “As a sixth generation Kentucky farm owner, I also know using GE crops requires less tillage of the soil helping to preserve the land for future generations. We must continue to use efficient ways to produce food on the farmland we have available to ensure we can provide food across the globe”.

The importance of GMO farming is especially significant for farmer moms, who not only grow these crops for a living, but feed their families with them as well.

“It’s hard as a mom buying food for the family to know what’s true and what’s false. That’s why I’m thrilled to support A Fresh Look in its mission to show the public how we farm,” says Elizabeth Bingham, a mom, farmer, and agriculture expert. “I feel good about feeding my children the food I grow.”

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