FarmlandFinder expands farm real estate to Midwest


When most people want to find land for sale, they must search for sale bills or know the agent who is selling the land. Finally, farmland real estate has entered into the 21st century. FarmlandFinder, a digital platform for land sale research, has expanded to 12 states throughout the Midwest and launched a suite of tools to help land professionals with farmland acquisition, valuation, and analysis.

With the Midwest expansion, land professionals in 12 states can now search more than 6,500 properties for sale, see real-time land values, get auction results, download soil maps, and chat with a local expert — all in one place. Never before has this level of information been available to the land market.

“Farmland real estate has been left behind … residential real estate has Zillow and the Multiple Listing Service, commercial real estate has CoStar and what does land have? We’re stuck with sale bills posted at a gas station and bookmarking individual land brokerage websites,” founder and CEO Steven Brockshus said. “FarmlandFinder exists because land research shouldn’t be a time suck. Each year, $56 Billion of land changes hands, and buyers and sellers have virtually no access to reliable, up-to-date information. We are tackling the challenge of getting access to quality land sale data, so growers and landowners can easily understand the market, quickly find land for sale and see up-to-date land values.”

FarmlandFinder was first available in Iowa in 2017. With the new year, growers, landowners, appraisers, brokers, bankers and investors in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin will be able to see land for sale, auction results and soil maps for farmland in their state.

FarmlandFinder’s dedicated research team tracks land sale transactions, so you don’t have to.

FarmlandFinder provides actual sale results, not land value estimations, so you can make decisions based on real information. Unlike traditional listing websites that have limited land sale inventory, FarmlandFinder tracks land from 3,000+ brokerages to provide a comprehensive view of the market. FarmlandFinder is the only all-in-one digital tool for land acquisition, valuation and mapping.

FarmlandFinder’s suit of digital tools includes: land for sale map, land values map, auction calendar, active listings, past sales map, auction results, landowner search, report hub (complete with soil, topo and crop history maps), interactive map website plugins and advertising opportunities for land brokers.

“I use FarmlandFinder for more than one reason,” says Roy P., a landowner in Central Iowa. “Not only does it allow me to align farmland’s current value, but it’s also a gut check for following prices up and down for the future. As an investor it is another great tool for us to make solid decisions and to do some forward thinking.”

Visit their website for a free property report or to see land for sale in your area.

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