Fatal farming accident after dog hits forklift lever


Many tragic accidents that happen on the farm are tough to understand. This unfortunate event is even more tragic and heartbreaking, due to the surrounding circumstances.

According to BBC, Derek Mead, a 7o-year-old farmer was at his home in the United Kingdom and was building a rockery. After leaving the forklift running and in neutral to go unlock the gate, the unthinkable happened. The coroner believes the forklift was pushed into gear by his pet Jack Russel, who was left in the cab.  

Simon Chilcott, from the Health and Safety Executive, told the inquest there was no other “reasonable explanation” for the accident. “Whether the dog has been jumping up to see where his master has gone, or put his paws up on the door to await the return of Derek — it seems most likely that he has collided with the lever. He has jumped up or put his paws up and knocked the shuttle lever, which would have put the vehicle in a forward motion,” the BBC said.

A postmortem examination found that Mead died from spinal fractures and traumatic asphyxia.

Our deepest sympathies goes out to the family and friends of Mead. Farming is a dangerous occupation, and even the simplest of task can become fatal. 

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