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FDA commissioner tweets about goals for organic food labels


FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb took to Twitter on Tuesday to offer some initial thoughts on food labeling, particularly as it pertains to labels on organic products and other items touting “free” characteristics, such as antibiotic free and hormone free. Essentially, those words that are used to influence consumers’ purchases.

The FDA’s hope is to come out with a new Nutrition Innovation Strategy, which will give consumers more choices, while improving labeling to reflect the health attributes of food. This is partly why the FDA has recently said it will crack down on plant-based products that use the term dairy — the law against that has long been on the books, and it’s the first of what are expected to be several steps to better clarify labeling.

Here’s what Gottlieb tweeted:

While the agency’s Food Labeling Guide is the industry’s benchmark for recommended procedures as they pertain to allergens, nutrition, and safety, the overall thrust from Gottlieb now is to modernize identity standards across a variety of products.


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