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‘Future of Food’ documentary series explores ag challenges on global scale


Today, the Rome-based World Farmers’ Organisation announced that it has partnered with a film production company to produce a series of documentaries about the current position of farming in a world challenged by climate change. The series, called The Future of Food, aims to help the public understand who farmers are and what agriculture can do to the many challenges our world has to face, from ending hunger to protecting nature and biodiversity, overcoming poverty, and fighting against climate change.

Taking a global approach, the documentaries will bring to the screen the challenges being faced in the farming sector while presenting local solutions on the ground and developments that the farmers’ community worldwide is implementing to overcome these hurdles, first among all the changing and extreme weather patterns that are dramatically threatening their production and revenues.

The trailer was just made available:

On the front-line, at the cutting edge of innovation, featuring human-interest stories, the series will investigate the importance of sustainable agriculture and how transitioning towards more sustainable, climate-resilient, and nature-positive farming practices is good for the farmers, their families, the consumers and the planet.

Jack Davies, creative director at the film company Zinc Media Group, said, “We will investigate new developments in farming, the personalities behind some of the most successful businesses, from the large to the small, and come to understand how a sustainable future can be achieved.”

He goes on to say, “We learn how the tradition of farming has become a vital ingredient in our fight for survival, how those that feed us have adapted and prospered despite the challenges. With personal, emotive stories, we will look deep into new technology, new thinking, a new understanding of the world we live in.”

In addition to helping connect ag producers with the public, The Future of Food is intended inspire the youngest to broaden the horizons of agriculture and build bridges between farmers across the globe.

Farming has come so far, and the challenges of today are not the same as the challenges of previous generations. With a global crisis in food costs and production, climate change, the economy, government inaction, the shrinkage of space and time, farming is a crucial sector in our food systems that must be fully recognized and seriously considered and supported to advance healthily and sustainably in years to come.

“Our aim with this series is to lift a curtain and peer behind the scenes of farming today and understand how we can all contribute to a future in which farming is more and more sustainable and could hold the keys to a future that is fair, equal and respectful for the planet and for us all,” said Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, director of corporate film at Zinc Media.

The series will be launched at COP28, where food and agriculture are set to be high on the agenda. COP28 refers to the 28th Conference of the Parties, held from November into December as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

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