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The Grinch is on the naughty list for stealing Christmas trees


Unfortunately during the holiday season, not everyone makes it on Santa’s nice list. One Grinch in particular did not make the list when he decided to steal 78 Christmas trees from a tree farm early December. 

According to the Facebook post from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office Department, “Grinch alert! Would you believe that someone was grinchy enough to steal almost 80 Christmas trees! Sometime between the night of Saturday December 7 and the morning of Monday December 9, unidentified suspect(s) stole 78 Fraser Fir Christmas trees from the Snowshoe Evergreen Tree Farm along State Route 162 in the Alderton/McMillin area near Puyallup. Deputies believe that the suspect(s) accessed the area using the Foothills Trail, then cut and dragged the trees across the property. The stolen trees are valued at over $6000.”

Although the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office didn’t have a description of the suspect(s), they did say, “We are guessing their heart is an empty hole, their brain is full of spiders, and they’ve got garlic in their soul.”

However, on December 13, the Grinch was brought to justice. “The Grinch can run… but he can’t hide! This morning we posted information on the theft of a bunch of Christmas trees from one of our local tree farms in the Puyallup area over the past weekend. And would you believe that the Grinch got busted,” the sheriff’s office reported on Facebook.

“This afternoon Federal Way Police Department officers spotted a stolen truck in their city; the officers followed the truck to a roadside tree stand, where they also spotted a stolen cargo trailer and a stolen camper trailer. One of the FWPD officers had seen our post and confronted the suspect about the theft of the Christmas trees. The suspect admitted to the crime and the officers were able to recover some of the stolen trees.”

Unfortunately, this is just one of many instances of vandalism this year for Christmas tree farmers. The video below shows Bosch’s Country View Nursery dealing a different type of Grinch who decided to cut nearly a dozen trees in half. 

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