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FarrPro wins National Hog Farmer ‘Producer’s Choice’ Award


FarrPro, an Iowa based ag tech startup, has won the 2019 National Hog Farmer New Product Tour “Producer’s Choice” Award with their Haven product. The Producer’s Choice Award goes to the product receiving the most votes cast online by readers of National Hog Farmer magazine and website. The Haven, which warms newborn pigs and ultimately helps to prevent them from being crushed, was also selected by a panel of pork industry experts as an overall finalist in the NHF New Product Tour based on the panels assessment of how effective the product would be in helping producers save money and improve efficiency.

Winning the award is quite an achievement because many of the products entered were submitted by established companies already selling products in the ag marketplace.

“As a startup, we don’t have the name recognition or a catalog of other products known by NHF readers so the fact that they voted for the Haven shows they understand what it’s designed to do which is reduce pre-wean mortality and save energy. The Haven does both resulting in more healthy pigs being delivered to the nursery, using less energy, and that puts more money in the producer’s pocket,” said Chris Hanson, FarrPro co-founder and Director of Business Development.

The FarrPro Haven consists of an elongated parabolic reflector and a heat element that emits long-wave infrared energy creating a microclimate for the piglets in the farrowing pen. Its design utilizes the partition wall between farrowing crates, providing semi-enclosed micro-climates for two neighboring creeps that are safely away from crush danger areas. The Haven delivers heat energy which feels like sunshine, and penetrates into the pigs’ bodies, warming them thoroughly. Its design also keeps heat from spilling onto the sow, keeping her cool and stress-free which promotes healthy milk production and overall sow comfort.

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